Thing 13: Wiki-tastic!

25 07 2012

I get ridiculously and irrationally excited whenever I read, think or talk about wikis.  I LOVE wikis.  Perhaps a bit too much. 

I’ve been using wikis for a few years now (mainly PBWorks) to work on collaborative projects with colleagues across the North West.  After being part of a group who used one, I set up my own wiki a while later as part of another regional project and I’ve never looked back. 

Things I love about wikis:

1) I can develop the structure myself.  And, believe me, giving a librarian information to organise is quite possibly the nicest thing you can do for them. 

2) A wiki is a flexible friend.  They can be used in so many different ways; the possibilities are endless.  I’ve planned a workshop via a wiki, published a toolkit via a wiki and compiled (nearly) my Chartership portfolio via a wiki.

3) We can all contribute.  My colleagues can comment on my work, make changes, remove bits, add in their own information and create new pages.  It soon becomes a communal workspace.

4) I can show the world my wiki.  Once the content is ready, I can invite others to view my wiki online.  For my Chartership submission, I set up my wiki so that each time I added new content, my Chartership mentor was notified by email, maing it much easier to overcome geographical distance.

5) A wiki is a gift that keeps on giving.  A wiki is never finished and can always be updated.  This can be a disadvantage (it requires regular maintenance) but on the other hand it becomes a living, breathing document that (unlike a report, email or other publication) can be current and up to date.

I’ve used Google Docs in the past but must admit I’m unfamiliar with Dropbox, so that’s another new resource for me to investigate 🙂