Thing 18: Screen capture and podcasts

3 11 2012

I can really see the potential of screen capture for helping me to communicate with library users.  A large part of my current role is to train customers in quite technical database searching methods.  Because my customers are doctors, nurses and other busy healthcare professionals, it’s often difficult for them to escape clinical duties to come to the library for training.  If they could instead watch a pre-prepared screen capture or listen to a podcast at a time convenient to them, it could be a much more flexible option.

However, from personal experience the customers I work with often prefer to get away from the workplace for training, because clinical areas and offices are often busy, chaotic and noisy.  Also, with face-to-face training there’s an opportunity to ask questions, perform a customised search on the customer’s own topic and to concentrate more on areas they feel less confident with.  If I were to use screen capture for work purposes it would be for quick and simple things, such as how to register for an Athens account.  I think I’d leave the complex searching to face-to-face training sessions.

I downloaded Jing on to my home laptop and had a little play round with it – I found it really easy to use.  I produced a screen capture of a simple search on NHS Evidence and found that it was easy to fill the 5 minute limit!  My Internet Explorer collapsed near the end which was frustrating since I’d nearly got to the end!!!  I look forward to an opportunity when I might be able to download and use such software at work.