Thing 6: online networking

22 06 2012

I had misconceptions about Twitter; I thought it was just normal people (plus a few celebs thrown in for good measure) tweeting about what they had for breakfast.  It turns out while that is the case, there’s also a lot more going on that I hadn’t considered.  I’ve been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now and am using it mainly in a professional capacity – to follow fellow LIS professionals, listen to ideas, opinions and the latest developments in library land.  It’s a bit cheesy to say this, but it really does make me feel more involved and ‘part of’ the profession.  If it wasn’t for Twitter I’d never have found out about some of the amazing jobs that are out there for LIS professionals – Tropical Librarian, anyone?  I’ve also taken part in a live Twitter ‘Chartership chat’ with other people working towards Chartership. 

Facebook I use a lot for personal communcation, although I do have some library stuff and librarian friends on there.  LinkedIn I need to organise, but I’ve heard some people say (on Twitter!!) that they don’t find their LinkedIn profile very useful for online networking?  I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has found it useful and how they are using it to engage with online networks.

The LIS New Professionals Network seems like a group of really active and forward-thinking people, so I’ll check that out at home (NHS firewall blocks it!). 

I’ve really started to understand the value of online networks and feel that anyone not using them is really missing out!