Thing 2: investigate other blogs

21 05 2012

I feel like I have quite an active and supportive real life professional network, but WOW there is a HUGE online network out there, which is something I’ve not really explored until now.  I’m starting to feel really excited about starting CPD23 now.  How did I miss this last year?  Oh yes, I was having a baby!  Ah well, better late than never 🙂

What has struck me about the people I’ve come across online so far is that there are so many library and info professionals out there who are so passionate about their vocation.  Which is really heartening.  It sounds obvious, but it’s not something I come across a lot in real life – working in the NHS at the moment is pretty much doom and gloom so it’s really motivating to hear others’ stories and why they love their jobs.  It’s also made me think that a lot of my skills are transferrable if I ever want to cross sectors at some point in the future. 

There is so much debate about the image of librarians and how we should overturn misconceptions and assumptions about library work – well, here are people doing it in fabulous style (and without resorting to the “wacky librarian” sub-type). 

I’ve been exploring the list of recently joined CPD23 members and posted a couple of ‘hellos’ (someone posted a comment on my blog over the weekend and it was really encouraging to know someone is reading, so I wanted to do the same for others!).

I have also been seeking out some fellow health librarians via the CPD23 Delicious tags and have been reading how others have been progressing so far.  One of the blogs that I found most memorable was Bex Without Spex who is posting a photo of herself outside various libraries that she has visited.  What a great idea (why I didn’t think of it first?!) but then again she’s visited much more exotic libraries than me (Hong Kong and Belize!!!).  It leads me to think, yes words say a lot, but photos and images do too – and if someone hasn’t got a lot of time to sit and read your posts then surely images are the best way to capture their attention?