Thing 8: Google calendar in the NHS isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

25 06 2012

We use Google Calendar to organise the staff rota and to schedule in meetings, events, training and appointments.  We’ve been using it for a few years (since 2008 I think), and to be honest if I was going to set up a shared calendar now I probably wouldn’t use it. 

This being the NHS we also have issues relating to Internet Explorer (IE) – we never have the latest version of IE and the full functionality of Google Calendar isn’t supported by IE7 which is what we’re currently using.  As NHS staff we have access to NHSmail which provides a calendar function that is arguably more secure and future-proofed.  I also have some concerns about putting staff locations, days off, personal appointment data online and the potential security implications.

So, you can gather that I’m not a big fan!  But what Thing 8 gets me excited about is the other uses for an online calendar – scheduling alerts for journal subscriptions, creating reminders for users to return books and advertising library events to the public.  These are things that I’ve never considered doing but I can really see the value of. 

I wonder if anyone who is an uber-fab of Google Calendar can encourage me to see more of its good points?!