Thing 1: blogs and blogging

18 05 2012

I’m long overdue in setting up a blog.  I have been a ‘lurker’ in the blogosphere for years, reading and enjoying other people’s blog posts.  I use blogging software to create and distribute current awareness bulletins as part of my job.  I’ve been writing a reflective learning log on a private wiki since 2009.  And yet it’s taken me until now to create my own blog.

Writing a blog plays on a lot of my insecurities: fear of looking stupid and self-consciousness about my own opinions.  I love writing but I am used to writing in a more formal way – reports, articles and research.  I keep a reflective log but that is for my eyes only!  I can rant, write nonsensical things and make mistakes and no-one will hold it against me. 

I suppose it’s a measure of my increasing confidence that I now feel ready to join the hundreds (thousands?) of librarians and information professionals who are all blogging.  But will they like me?  And will they let me join in?

Another thing that has prompted me to start blogging is that today I discovered the CPD23 project.  I’m a little bit behind but I couldn’t resist joining in with a project that is so inspiring.  So this blog is Thing 1 and I hope to be catching up with the remaining 22 Things very soon!