My first post

18 05 2012

I hope to use this blog as a reflective learning log to chart my learning experiences as an information professional.  I’ve been keeping a private reflective learning log for a few years and now it’s time to share it with the world! 

Reflection has become a big part of my professional practice since I’ve been working on my CILIP Chartership submission, and I want to continue that reflection in the wider blogosphere.  So there may be a bit of Chartership angst thrown in here too…

I’ve just been updating the ‘About’ page on the blog and started to write a list of my ‘professional interests’.  Then I got stuck.  What are my professional interests?  I’m not really sure.  I’m staring at a blank screen waiting for light bulbs to start pinging above my head.  The theme tune from annoying CBeebies show, ‘Everything’s Rosie’, that I’ve been watching this morning with my son is on repeat in my head.  I might have to come back to this one.  Maybe this blog will help me work it out.