Reflection on Week 6 of the LIHNN Literature Searching MOOC

19 11 2015

Evaluation scale by  Bill Sodeman (Flickr CC)

The last week of the MOOC is here!  And we finish with arguably the most crucial aspect of literature searching… evaluation.  I thought a lot of the content this week would be really useful to someone who is setting up a literature searching service, after all, evaluation shouldn’t be an afterthought but rather something we should be thinking about from the very beginning, right?

I loved this week’s examination of impact and how we might present and disseminate impact to our stakeholders.  It strikes me that there’s content and learning here that ventures more widely than literature searching and more widely than health libraries (an opportunity for sharing / branching out?).

Within my own service we have, over the last 6 months, piloted and implemented a thorough system to capture impact data via questionnaire.  It took months of planning and it is aligned with our organisational objectives.  However, after completing this week’s MOOC , I think we need to go further and capture some interview data too, so that’s one thing I’ll be taking back into the workplace.

Again this week I’ve found that so much of what I’ve enjoyed in the MOOC has been seeing examples from other services.  I love the posters and reports that present and disseminate impact data – is there a way we can keep these as a repository of good practice?  I’d love to see more of them.  I look forward to next week reflecting back on the MOOC in its entirety and thinking about what I can take away from the wonderful experience of my first ever MOOC!




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