Thing 17: Prezi and Slideshare

27 10 2012

I admit it: I am lazy about presentations.  When the time comes for me to prepare for training or promotional talks I often find myself going to my most recent powerpoint and updating it.  Ok, part of this is due to time restraints.  But reading the latest Thing on Prezi and Slideshare has made me think that if I managed my time a bit better, gave myself more preparation time and put a bt more thought and creativity into my presentation content, I could produce something really cool.

I have tried Prezi once, about two years ago when I first became aware of it.  I tried it for a project presentation that I did at work, and asked the audience for some feedback.  The response wasn’t great!  Several people applauded me for trying to do something different, but others said it did make them feel a bit motion sick and someone said they preferred powerpoint.  Looking back, it wasn’t the best Prezi, and reading the Prezi tips in Ned Potter’s Prezi, I realise I may have gone a bit OTT with the whole zooming in and out thing.  I agree that people do experience ‘powerpoint fatigue’ but I also think that some people feel more comfortable with powerpoint and are resistant (and suspicious) of anything different!

I’ve never uploaded anything to Slideshare, I suppose because I’m not enormously proud of the hurried and basic presentations that I normally produce at work.  The one occasion on which I’ve spent a lot of time preparing presentations is for conferences, so perhaps I could put some of these on Slideshare.

I’m due to give a talk at a regional meeting in December about my trip to India.  I’d really like to use Prezi for this talk and I’ve got plenty of time to think about content and structure.  My action from this Thing is to produce and deliver an exciting and impressive Prezi for that talk.  And then put it on Slideshare!

By the way, I LOVE the powerpoint resumes that are on Slideshare.  I think it’s such a creative way to present your personality and brand, and if I were an employer I’d be really impressed by this.  If I can find the time I’d love to have a go myself…




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