Thing 12: Stepping stones into social media

20 07 2012

Since beginning CPD23 I’ve been using Twitter regularly and wondering why it took me this long to get started.  I’ve been trying to convert friends, family and colleagues into joining too.  I understand those people who are reluctant, but I was reluctant too, and now I can’t imagine life without it!  I feel a bit ashamed that I didn’t join Twitter when I first started Chartership, it would have been sooooooo useful.

I lurked for a while until I realised that I didn’t have any followers, and that the only way to get them was to start interacting.  At first it would take me a couple of hours to think up a suitable reply to a Tweet, or to think of something to say that other people would find interesting.  But gradually my use of Twitter has become more natural and now when I see something interesting on TV or discover a new website, one of my immediate thoughts is to share it on Twitter.  I get frustrated when I learn exciting stuff via Twitter and want to share it with people who don’t have Twitter accounts.  Twitter has far exceeded my expectations and I find it immensely useful for professional learning and networking.   However, I do find that when I’m going through a particularly busy time at work or at home, that I struggle to find the time to Tweet.

The one thing I’d love to do next is to meet in real life some of the professional contacts I’ve made via Twitter.  Watch this space…




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